Important Update for macOS Mojave and Windows 10 (64-bit Support)

Certain versions of Windows 10 and macOS Mojave are now requiring support for 64-bit. Please review this important update information and news about upcoming releases to support these latest operating system versions.

Learn more about 64-bit support on macOS Mojave and Windows 10

Surprise Software Product Refund Policy

This policy describes our how refunds are processed.

General Policy - Try Before You Buy

According to our End User License Agreement, we do not offer refunds. We provide our software free of charge for the purpose of demonstration. The demonstration version of our software can be downloaded at any time from our website and does not require registration or payment. When a product has been reviewed by the customer, and the customer has chosen to purchase the software, we are not required to process a refund for this purchase.

How Refunds Are Processed

At our discretion, when a refund is processed, we have the right to retain any and all processing fees associated with the purchase. Because we offer the software for demonstration prior to purchase, it becomes the responsibility of the customer to assess the software to ensure that it meets their needs. This refund processing fee may be up to 20% of the purchase price.

Why is this policy imposed?

We take the creation and support of software extremely seriously. It is our intention to provide a quality product. It is also our intention to allow a customer full freedom to choose the software that meets their needs, and not spend money on products that do not meet their needs. We accomplish this goal in two ways:

  • We have state-of-the-art support staff capable of all levels of product support. This includes the assistance of using the application, and also improving the application when necessary to meet customer needs.
  • We also believe that customers should have the opportunity to use the program prior to making a purchase decision in order to ensure that the product meets their needs.
Because of these qualities, we believe that it is up to the customer to make responsible purchases. Our payment processing and accounting services cost Surprise Software for every payment and refund.

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